On- and off-site servicing and repair

  • NZ qualified and registered Electrical Service Technician
  • Tradies’ powertools, leads and chargers
  • Whiteware and household appliances
  • Commercial kitchen and laundry machinery
  • Factory trained on Electrolux Laundry Systems
  • Generators and construction equipment

Authorised New Zealand service agent for Food Equipment Distributors


Aviation Ground Service Equipment

  • Experienced electrical GSE technician for programmed maintenance, troubleshooting and repair
  • Diesel and mains powered ground units (GPUs) including Guinault, Hobart, Axa, Trilectron, Hitzinger and Jetpower
  • Tugs and tractors including Charlatte and Lektro
  • Loading equipment including Trepel and Powerstow

Authorised New Zealand service agent for Guinault Aircraft Ground Energy

Programmed Testing & Tagging

Electrical asset safety
& compliance.

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