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Here at Tried & Tested we are very aware that we’ve been going through some very strange and difficult times. The pandemic and our government’s response to it have caused a lot of pain, suffering, and hardship. Our prayers and thoughts go out to you all.

We’re in the business of fixing things, but there seem to be no good ways to fix our country.

We’re in the business of safety, to prevent harm, but there seem to be only harmful options available.

We also believe in freedom, that each person has a right to dignity and respect, no matter where you are from, your age, the colour of your skin, or your vaccination status. And with that freedom comes personal responsibility, and the right to make your own decisions. Rights and freedoms that have seemingly disappeared overnight.

Though we weren’t born here, our children were. We share this wonderful country; and the thing that makes it such a good place? People. All people. All different kinds of people. People with different looks, different opinions, different political views etc, but still all people.

We have decided that we cannot in good conscience comply with the various vaccine mandates. There are a number of reasons for that. You may not like that, and that’s ok. This decision looks set to cost us valuable work. That’s not nice, but principles sometimes come at a cost, and we’re ok with that.

This does not mean that we downplay the risks of illness, especially for those who are vulnerable. We will continue to take all practicable steps to keep you safe. We’re just not on board with mandating medical procedures. And if that means you would rather use another business, then that’s ok too. You are free to choose.

As for us, we continue to welcome all people. We will not discriminate. We are here for all New Zealanders.

The team at Tried & Tested

New Zealand National Anthem (2nd verse)

Men of every creed and race,

Gather here before Thy face,

Asking Thee to bless this place,

God defend our free land.

From dissension, envy, hate,

And corruption guard our State,

Make our country good and great,

God defend New Zealand!

Keeping your tools and equipment safe and compliant!

The best choice for electrical testing, maintenance and repair in the Hutt Valley and Wellington. Tried & Tested has the experience and equipment to keep you, your employees and your customers safe, as well as to reduce chances of lost productivity by getting you back to work faster.

We can help you with a wide variety of electrical needs, from whiteware and powertools, commercial laundry and kitchen equipment, construction machinery, generators and even aviation GSE & GPUs.

We’re local, family-owned, friendly and professional.

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What We Do:

Maintenance, Diagnosis & Repair

Keeping your tools and
equipment operational.

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Aviation Ground Service Equipment

GSE technician specialised in
Ground Power Units (GPUs).

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Programmed Testing & Tagging

Electrical asset safety
& compliance.

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Who We’ve Worked With

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